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Janet Bonneau

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      Janet Bonneau studied painting and art history at The Maryland Institute, College of Art. She has translated her love of fine art into creating images of Vermont landscapes, flowers, still life, and abstracts which evoke setting or mood, or which tell a story within the scene. Each image is formed with a "painting" in mind.
      "I have started a line of 'Cheap Art' on my website in the spirit of the Bread & Puppet Theater Cheap Art Manifesto which promoted the idea of art being affordable and available for everyone," she said. "I liked that concept and wanted to offer art that anyone could afford." Prices range from $10 - $25 for small, original oils. "Why shouldn't art be something you can put a thumbtack through and hang on your wall? There should be room for art in every price range."
      "I feel very fortunate to live in Vermont which offers endless possibilities for the landscape artist," Ms. Bonneau said. She paints mostly outside in "what's called 'plein air' because I can more directly observe nature. I love painting all the seasons, especially fall and winter and find inspiration in many ways. Sometimes an idea for a painting comes from seeing an old barn in the morning light, trees in a snowstorm, or a certain light in the sky that colors the whole landscape. I try and capture that one thing about the scene which first caught my eye and how it made me feel.
      "I don't do photographic paintings," she said. "I like to tell a story on the canvas." Her painting style is described as impressionistic which that doesn't surprise her. "Some of my favorite artists include Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh."
      Ms. Bonneau is also President of the Northern Vermont Artists' Association.
      This native vermonter has always loved the countryside and draws inspiration from the woods and fields surrounding her home in Fairfax, Vermont.






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