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Linda Clark

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      "I let the paint do the work," watercolor painter Linda Clark said of the blended colors and the play of light and dark in her paintings. She's been painting for seven years as a part time hobby.
      "I wanted to watercolor when I retire," she said.
      "Do it now," she was told.
      Good advice. Ms. Clark has taken watercolor classes in St. Albans with Kathy Berry Bergeron and Holbein workshops from other artists.
      The Northwestern Medical Center Gallery hosts Ms. Clark in a solo show this month. That show continues through the end of November. Her work is also on exhibit at ECHO Museum in Burlington and has been shown in area events and shows in Franklin County.
      A native Vermonter, Ms. Clark lives on Lake Champlain with her husband Paul. The lake and the scenic beauty of Vermont throughout the seasons inspire her.



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