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Kitten Ellison

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      Decorative painter Kitten Ellison of Richford creates a 3-D effect in brilliant colors. She studied Sumie Japanese brush painting -- with a Japanese painter and used that technique to build a small business in Bermuda painting on fabric, glass, china and rice paper.
      "I was lucky enough to find a teacher in Montreal," she said. "I painted and still do like a Sumie painter on paper but that didn't sell so I transferred to painting on hats and t-shirts and branched out into plates."
      This platter from her exhibit at the Artists in Residence Co-Operative Gallery in Enosburg Falls is an example.
      Ms. Ellison concentrates on "flowers and landscapes, not kittens and puppies," she said. "I'm a keen gardener so that colors everything."
      She is a founding member of Artists in Residence where her work is showcased for the month. She continues to have an outlet in Bermuda where she raised four daughters but "I paint here in Vermont and ship everything down there," she said. "I lived there for 42 years I'm so much happier here."


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