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      A gift of art is the most enduring present at any time of the year.
      This exclusive page of more than 60 All Arts Council members and other Franklin County artists includes only the actors, artists, composers, dancers, musicians, photographers, poets, publishers, sculptors, theater companies, and writers with work that is available for sale or public exhibit. Each listing includes an email address, website (if available) and a brief description of the artist's work.
      Artists are listed alphabetically, not by category. You may use your browser's "search" feature to find, for example, all writers or all sculptors in the list.

8-0-8-4, St Albans. Touring pop-rock band. e-mail or Click here

Absolute Zero, Swanton. Young pop band. e-mail or Click here

Kate Barclay, St Albans. Vermont singer/songwriter. e-mail

Frank Barnes, Musician: Studio owner, rock, pop, bass guitar, and vocalist. e-mail

Eric Bataille, St Albans. Fine Artist. e-mail

Dianna Herder Bennett, St Albans. Sculptor e-mail

Bob Benson, Montgomery. Fine Artist. e-mail

Corliss Blakely, St Albans. Vermont's premier Fine Artist: the homes, farms, and antiques of her Vermont ancestors portrayed in oil. Click here or e-mail

Janet Bonneau, Fairfax. Fine Art Photographer. e-mail

Chris Bouchard, St Albans. Drummer and Graphic Artist. e-mail

Carol Boucher, Fine Artist: Pastels and monotypes. Click here or e-mail

Marcia Brewster, Fine Artist and sculptor. e-mail

Bob Brodeur, St Albans. Landscape photographer. e-mail

Eric Bushey, St Albans. Jazz and rock musician and teacher. e-mail

Margie Cain, Fairfax. Actress. e-mail

Connie Clay-Bickel, St Albans. Fine Artist: visual, fabric, and performing arts. e-mail

Donna Costes, St Albans. Singer, teacher, and founder of Champlain Chorus. e-mail

Alan DeMont, St Albans. Fine Artist: human emotion in oil on canvas and house paint (acrylic) on plywood. e-mail

Michael Domina, Boston and Montgomery. Experimental watermedia artist and instructor. Click here or e-mail

Melissa Ewell, St Albans. Pianist: soloist & accompanist, music teacher. e-mail

Michael Ewell, St Albans. Classical vocalist. e-mail

Rob Fitzgerald. Popular Artist: Sidewalk art. e-mail

Gate Players, Theatrical troupe. e-mail

Joshua Givens. Fine Artist: Abstracts, Animals, Architectural, Landscape, Music, and People. Click here

Rob Guerrina, Swanton. Jazz pianist. e-mail

Melissa Haberman Fine artist and teacher. e-mail

Dick Harper, Highgate. Writer/photographer: non-fiction, op-ed columns, and landscape photography. e-mail or click here

Mary Harper, Florida and Highgate. Fine artist: watercolor, scratchboards, portraits. e-mail or click here

April Henderson, Georgia. Fine art and whimsical photographer. e-mail

Claire Hungerford, St Albans. Operatic soloist. e-mail or click here

Erik Kenyon, Organist and music director of Grace Church. e-mail

Jedd Kettler, St Albans. Singer, photographer, and bookstore owner e-mail

Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, Franklin. Fine artist and muralist: acrylics, watercolor, airbrush, illustrations and digital art. e-mail

Ann Levy, St Albans. writer and fabric artist. Acts of Living: A Cooking Journal for the Culinarily Challenged e-mail or click here

Joy Mashtare, St Albans. Fine Artist: watercolor landscape and non-figurative abstracts. e-mail

Chuck Meunier, Swanton. Fine Artist and photographer. e-mail

Matthew Moreau, Fine Artist. e-mail

Opera House at Enosburg Falls. e-mail or Click here

Christopher Parish, Franklin County poet now at college in Rhode Island. e-mail

Ben Patton, Bakersfield. Singer/songwriter. e-mail, listen to samples and read reviews of Sunny. Click here or Click here for earlier work

Will Patton, Bakersfield. Singer, instrumentalist: All thngs mando available! e-mail or Click here

Matt Peck and the Exit Stage Left Players, St Albans. Theatrical Company. e-mail

Albert Perry, Drummer. e-mail

Marcia Perry, Pianist: soloist & accompanist. e-mail

Ellen Fox Reardon. Fine Artist. e-mail

Nobby Reed, Highgate. Blues singer/songwriter. e-mail or Click here

Meredith Roberts, Fine Artist: painting and writing poetry, singing, and theater. e-mail

Douglas Salisbury, Richford. Country + Western singer and bandleader. e-mail

Gail Salzman, Fairfax. Fine Artist. e-mail

Deb Shell, Georgia. Sculptor and mental health counsellor. e-mail

Tim Stetson, Enosburg. Singer, graphic artist, sound producer, and bon vivant. Click here or e-mail

Mark Sustic, Fairfax. Singer, presenter, and teacher. e-mail

Wayne Tarr, St Albans. Fine arts photographer and portraitist. Click here or e-mail

Sue Tessier, St Albans. Pianist, accompanist, teacher. e-mail

Kimberlee Tokarz, Vocalist and sax player, teacher. e-mail

Valerie Ugro, Underhill. Fine Artist and printmaker. e-mail or click here

Gustav Verderber, Lowell. Nature Photojournalism, Nature Travel, and Environmental Education. e-mail or Click here

Pam Voss, Enosburg. Fine Artist and teacher. e-mail

Cynthia Humiston Weed, Enosburg. Exotic and Native Wood Jewelry & Barrettes. e-mail

Cheryl Willey, Vocalist. e-mail

Meg Willey, St Albans. Songwriter and Vocalist. e-mail

Lauren Young, Enosburg. Writer/photographer and lyrical poet, children's book author. e-mail

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