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      Creative Economics surfaced in two St. Albans projects that have regional implications this week. BFA gathered a committee of community leaders to consider building needs of the school and the community on Tuesday morning. St Albans for the Future hosted a brainstorming session Tuesday afternoon and evening. Both events are tangible evidence that the community is moving from talking about the economy to improving it.
      The BFA workshop formed the Auditorium, BFA/NWTC, Collins-Perley Research, and Finance Committees on Tuesday morning, April 11, 2006. The committees broke out into research groups to identify projects and pick followup people. The discussion included building a separate facility off school grounds as an auditorium or civic center or renovating and enlarging the existing auditorium. The committee examined architectural plans developed in the past. Sheri Moore of the St Albans Artists Guild represented the AAC at the meeting.
      The St Albans for the Future session generated a bushel basket full of ideas at the Let's Get Creative About Our Future pancake dinner Tuesday afternoon and evening, April 11, 2006.
      "We worked on a vision for St. Albans and the important projects people think we should focus on," S.A.F.F. Executive Director Karen Bresnahan said. "The resouce team got a good sense of community interests. The people were very engaged and enthusiastic."
      The scribes from that meeting will return with as many as 90 different ideas. "The May meeting will whittle those ideas down to four" workable projects, Mike Curtis said.
      Upcoming, there will be a community forum in the BFA Gymnasium Tuesday, April 18, at 7 p.m. to get input and ideas about the projects and to involve community members in the process. A second Let's Get Creative meeting to define and begin four specific new projects will be held on Tuesday, May 2, at the People's Trust on Kingman Street. The BFA Strategic Planning Committee and the Research Committee will meet again May 9. The final Let's Get Creative meeting later in May will build the plans and begin implementing the four downtown projects.

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