AAC Meeting Notes
Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, Writers,
and Friends of the Arts

      The AAC has regular meetings with networking time, "show-and-tell," and special programs. The meetings are held at at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month in borrowed space around St Albans. See the schedule for directions and more information.

The AAC Annual Meeting will be held
Thursday, March 1, 2001
at the Collins-Perley Sports Center.


      The Enosburg Apple Fest exhibit was canceled for weather concerns.
      The Grand Holiday Crafts and Fine Arts Tour will be November 21, 9a.m.-4:p.m. The St Albans site will be available for set-up at 8:00 a.m. AAC will not charge commission on artwork sold.
      Our meeting focus will change to a more relaxed and informal "coffeehouse style." We will look for a congenial place to meet and also a coffeepot.
      Is there any artist listing on the net from AAC? Yes.
      We list artists in up to several places. All artists with a web site can have a general listing on the Art Links page as well as an AAC members spot. Our profiles and portfolios page includes bios mostly from this column. the Featured Album page has music CDs and the Featured Artist page includes the scanned art of AAC members who sell their work. If you want a listing, we need your URL.
      The general consensus for promotional items for new members would be T-shirts or canvas bags.
      Jesse Potts offered the Brownway Residence in Enosburg Falls for our Rotating Art display. There is space available for artists to hang their work, room for a coffee/tea/social to meet the residents and visitors. Jesse wants volunteers for this project. Verdelle Village was also mentioned as a place to hang some of our artwork. Our own Mary Astleford does an artist show now at Holiday House. The general consensus was favorable. It would get us involved with the community and the community would have another chance to see what Franklin County artists have to offer.


      Heather Streeter and Dick Harper are heading a team to develop an artists register and to apply for a cultural heritage tourism grant. The Register will include all artists and artisans in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, art samples, as well as an area calendar and listings of cultural resources. A web site will have additional images and search engines to find individual names, media, or style. The web-based calendar will also be searchable for individual performers, types of events, or specific dates. The team includes the AAC, the St. Albans Area Chamber of Commerce, St. Albans Historical Museum, the Comfort Inn, Island Arts, New Connections Youth Services, and the Opera House at Enosburg Falls.
      The third annual Vermont Symphony Fall concert is October 1 at St Luke's Episcopal Church. The AAC is again hosting the VSO with a dinner and post concert reception. We need nine hot dishes, cookies, housing for about 12 musicians (they are very good with children) and poster hangers. Email Melissa Ewell for details. The October AAC meeting will be one week late (October 8) to avoid a conflict with the VSO concert.
      Many AAC artists sell "bin art" (paintings matted and shrink wrapped but not framed). We will build three fabric-type folding bins for display in the gallery and at traveling exhibits.
      We have begun planning for the 10th anniversary Summer Sounds series next year and are considering additional ways to publicize the concerts. We will investigate new "signs in the park" in each town. Chris Bouchard will build us a sandwich board to advertise all AAC events. It will have the AAC logo and a dry erase area for special notes and can be used (or borrowed) for exhibits, concerts, and parties.
      Like most community organizations, the AAC needs your help. If these projects sound interesting, or if you have a cultural program you would like to start, e-mail the All Arts Council


      Tim Stetson of Enosburg Falls joined the AAC Board as our new treasurer. He will pay bills, do financial reports (including our Federal filings), and anything else we can find for him to do.
      Singer/songwriter Karen McFeeters of St Albans and the Classic Country Band of Richford joined the AAC. Classic Country includes Maryann Medeiros, rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jack Medeiros, lead guitar and vocals, Doug Salisbury, and Dennis Lanpher, drummer.
      The newsletter team wants a new name for our newsletter. It started as the All ArtCuts and changed to ArtTickles; Cambridge Arts Council uses ArtTickles. Email Christopher with your suggestions. A free t-shirt goes to the person whose recommendation we choose.
      We are working on an Artists Register and Calendar as a project with the St Albans Area Chamber of Commerce and the Opera House of Enosburg Falls. We hope to regularly publish a bound book with biographies and photos of Local Artists, using grants from the Vermont Council on the Humanities, local advertising, and other grants.
      Patrice reminded us that the East Fairfield Community Center Coffeehouse happens every Friday evening.
      There will be an Eastern Arts n Eats Festival, September 5-6, at Larry's Tree Farm and Nursery on Route 108 in Bakersfield. Email Patrice for more information.



      The AAC will work with Family Center and Vermont Youth Development Corps and several town committees on murals, a theater workshop, and transportation to concerts this summer.
      Planning for the Summer Sounds concert series is firming up with community groups hosting each of the 16 free concerts. We will collaborate with the St Albans Chamber of Commerce and St Albans C.A.N. for a Kid's Day celebration and movable gallery exhibit in downtown St Albans store fronts for the August 30 concert in Taylor Park. We need AAC and St Albans C.A.N. artists to guide visitors at the gallery exhibits.
      We were asked to consider an Arts and Eats type festival in Bakersfield in September and in Franklin next year.
      There will be no monthly meeting on July 2. Instead, the AAC is planning a BEACH PARTY for mid-July. The Matting and framing workshop was postponed. It will be rescheduled for July. Watch this space.
      The All Arts Gallery at the Gift Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 58 North Main Street, St Albans.
      AAC still needs a Treasurer! If you can add and know what a Form 990 is, e-mail the All Arts Council.


      Local artist Delano Bransfield brought pen-and-ink, pencil sketches, and photos to show. Del is now a fulltime artist.
      Amy Reinhardt of the Family Center and Vermont Youth Development Corps volunteer Christine Bourque discussed their upcoming projects, including the Community Coffee House, first Friday of each month, Teen Community Dinners, Project Phoenix, and mural projects in Fairfax and St Albans. They would appreciate any and all volunteers we can give them. For information call Amy (524-6574).
      We need "goodies" for our reception for the Claire Hungerford recital at St. Lukes Church Sunday. If you can bake, call Melissa Ewell (524- 5755).
      The All Arts Gallery at the Gift Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 58 North Main Street, St Albans. We will have an evening reception as part of the month long grand opening later this month.
      AAC still needs a Treasurer! If you can add and know what a Form 990 is, e-mail the All Arts Council.


These minutes were lost.


      We need update our list of paid members and ask all AAC members to call in so we can update database. We will create need a (separate) list of members and supporters.
      Christopher Bouchard will chair the committee for our newsletter. He wants articles and will let everyone know the deadline. Dick will get info for a Non Profit mail permit and we will add libraries and businesses to our mailing list. Steve Jarvis will sell ads space.
      Natalie reported that the arts and crafts for this years Maple Festival will be in the BFA gym rather than in City Hall. Do we want to do this? Paule Gingras of the Gift Gallery is willing to put artwork in the store.
      Melissa Ewell reported that we need to have more organization for the Home Show Exhibit and a specific AAC presence with a separate table (2?) for AAC, containing goodies and hand-outs. Melissa will organize the volunteer list for the AAC table at Home Show. Dick and Natalie will be the chairs for the Home Show, if you need information about the Home Show and how to display your artwork call Dick or Natalie. Artists will be required to represent their work


Old Business


Natalie reported on last years Rotary Home Show, the Arts and Eats, Centennial, and the arts and craft show.


Frank Barnes reported on Floodstock
Melissa Ewell reported on the VSO and the VYO concerts
Lyle Glidden reported on the Summer Sounds Concerts


Dick reported that AAC incorporated in August 1997, are now in the process of 501(c)(3). We are also solvent (see report in the annual report).

New Business


Committee assignments- Anne Harper reported that BPW assigns members to committees as they join. Discussion indicated that we should let this go for now, bring up at a later time.

Coming Events

AAC will co-sponsor the New Minstrels
Dick and Natalie detailing for Home Show, something new this year will be Newspaper Photographic Art
Frank Barnes is working on Ice Jam 1 & 2.
Maple Festival: Paule advised that we need to talk to the people in charge of the Specialty Foods at City Hall to see if they would be interested in letting us have space for our exhibition. Frank Barnes has volunteered to talk to the people at specialty foods. The committee will be Paule, Frank and Natalie.

Claire Hungerford

Melissa suggested a reception for Claire after a recital at St Luke's. Melissa will be contacting people for goodies as the time approaches.

Cambridge Arts

Dick will be heading up the publicity for the ballroom dance, we will also sell tickets.

93 Strings

May 1st Highgate, Sheldon and Fairfield schools will be given the opportunity to listen to 2 harpists


Need permanent space, need committee. David Juaire will check for window space at old Daymaker building. Paule will give us space in the rear of her store, she did suggest that perhaps it would be a good idea for the AAC to get a phone and an answering machine. Beth, Patrice, Paule, Natalie and Christopher to check out how to go about the set-up.

Rotating Art

Beth Maginn, Patrice and Natalie seem to be our chair persons. Northwest Medical needs us to have our art in place by March 1. The contact is Dolly McNeill at NMC.

Town Hall Art

Town Hall art for the libraries needs a chair and helpers. Discussion was on whether we should charge businesses to show our work. A Motion was made by Frank Barnes that we request a donation in exchange for a commission on any work sold in their business during the show. Motion passed by voice vote.


See Dick for information.

New Businesses in town

Newtons Decorating wants artists to tell him what they would like him to stock. Steve Jarvis will contact artists.

Opera House at Enosburg Falls

Anna Taylor Caleb, chair of the Friends of the Opera House at Enosburg Falls, reported on the work being done on the Opera House. They are in the early stages of raising $350,000. Their annual meeting is March 19th at 7:00 in the new facility building. All are welcome.


Jane Berry from Fairfield reports that her school is planning fun camps for February and April vacations at the Fairfield Community Center for school children between the ages of 6 & 12. This will be a sort of artist in residence program. She will contact local artists to see if they are interested. We will send her our list of artists.
Marilyn Bish who reported to us on a theater workshop being put on by Bill Reed. Would the AAC would be willing to help with residency (fund raising, publicity, etc) set for late August. A motion was given by Melissa Ewell that the AAC would endorse the idea of support for this workshop. Passed on a voice vote.

Election Results

      Melissa Ewell, St Albans, Lyle Glidden, Franklin, Anne Harper, Highgate, and Albert Perry, Richford, were elected to three year terms on the AAC Board of Directors.
      The Board of Directors includes Frank Barnes, Christopher Bouchard, Melissa Ewell, Lyle Glidden, Anne Harper, Dick Harper, Patrice Havreluk- Hemingway, Louis Hill, David Kiefner, Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, Ania Modzelewski, Albert Perry, and Richard Serpe, Jr. The officers elected by the Board are Dick Harper, chair, Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, vice chair, Anne Harper, secretary.


Oops. These minutes will probably be posted sometime this year.


      The next regular meeting has been postponed to January 8, 1998 at the Collins-Perley Sports Center
      The Vermont Youth Orchestra concert, set for January 25, 1998, needs people for publicity, logistics, and hospitality for 85 musicians. Melissa Ewell is coordinating hospitality and I am arranging publicity and logistics.
      Natalie discussed the rotating art display; she needs a chair and helpers for the committee.
      AAC broke even on the Crafts and Fine Arts Show with low costs and good publicity for our more than two dozen exhibitors. The show was part of a "Tour of Franklin County," and had good results for all the shows involved. We will repeat the tour next Fall.
      Steve Jarvis reported that Benjamin Moore will be opening in St. Albans soon and wants to know what popular items and special orders local artists need.
      Art Cuts, the AAC Newsletter, needs volunteers to sell ads and to do the mailing. A membership form could be enclosed in a newsletter once a year. The summer newsletter cost $90 plus postage. Need some way to make it less expensive.


      Melissa Ewell reported that the Harp duo"93 strings" will hold performance/workshops in Fairfield, Sheldon, and Highgate elementary schools thanks to AAC sponsorship. There is room on the schedule for three more schools. Call Melissa for details.
      The AAC is looking for a permanent home. We would hope to use the space for an office, storage, and for public workshops, with free access to County residents. At the same time, Bob Brodeur is investigating locations to reopen the AAC Art Gallery. If you have or know of a good location, call Bob or e-mail us.
      The AAC has organized the tour of Franklin County holiday arts and crafts shows.
      Special meeting for Artists and Crafters on Wednesday November 12, 1997 at 6:00 p.m. at the Collins Perley complex. Presenters and workers will settle technical details for the show. The AAC CRAFT and FINE ARTS FESTIVAL is November 22, 1997, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at St. Albans City Hall. We still have room for exhibitors. $5.00 for AAC members and $10 for non-members. We provide tabletop easels, tables and tablecloths.
      Chow Bella will host our Arts Auction on December 9 with a wine and menu sampler. Art auctioneer Larry Kempton will sell more than 20 fine pieces donated by Franklin County artists.
      The AAC is assembling a committee for our rotating art display. The current committee of Theresa Duffy, Patrice Havreluk-Hemingway, Steve Jarvis, Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, and Beth Maginn want about 6 more volunteers to transport and hang art in Libraries, town halls, and businesses around the county.
      We want all AAC members to attend the St Albans CAN! reception for Liz Lerman on November 12, 1997. All members should call to make reservations for this reception.
      Publicizing the AAC itself is becoming more important as a way to promote member artists. Melissa Ewell will check on the possibility of badges for members to take to all events that we attend.


      As part of an Arts in Education program, the AAC hopes to engage a student intern for administrative and programming assistance. At least two Vermont colleges and several other New England schools have graduate programs in public administration and arts organization management. Rich Serpe and Lou Hill will investigate.
      Office and Gallery: The AAC is looking for a permanent home and considered using space in a local school. The discussion included the problems of ADA accessibility, access for members, furniture, and utilities. We would hope to use the space for an office, storage, and for public workshops, with free access to Town residents.
      Membership Drive: Rich Serpe, Kate Kinney and Dick Harper will list our current members and start a membership renewal program. Rich needs your help discovering interested folk. If you are a member now, would like to be, or know someone interested in the arts, please e-mail Rich or call 524-6940.
      Melissa Ewell thanked us for our support of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and volunteered to work with the Flynn runout concert program.
      The Friends of the Enosburg Opera House are assembling an ongoing calendar of events for Franklin County. Call Lou Hill for details.
      Look for us to join a holiday Art/Craft show in November.
      The AAC will help sponsor a reception for the debut of Kate Pond's "Sunfix" sculpture at the new Highgate Springs Border station, Tuesday October 14 at 11:30 a.m.
      Artist Rodney Farmer brought his portfolio to show the members. Rodney draws with colored pencils, pen-and-ink, and in pastels, and has exhibited at the Sugar Mill Co-op Gallery.


      AAC board members appointed five new directors; certified a Board consisting of Frank Barnes, Christopher Bouchard, Melissa Ewell, Anne Harper, Dick Harper, Patrice Havreluk Hemingway, Louis Hill, Dave Kiefner, Kate Kinney, Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, Ania Modzelewski, and Rich Serpe; and affirmed Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard as vice-chair. The Board also added a non-discrimination clause and reaffirmed the By-Laws.


      The AAC holds networking meetings on the first Thursday of each month.

      We presented the $24,105 FLOODSTOCK checks to Montgomery Flood Fund administrator Sue Wilson who has already begun disbursing money to help residents buy new furnaces. The AAC inducted Dr. Dan Larrow and Barney Malone as Honorary Members for their extraordinary efforts in the Floodstock concert. A limited edition Floodstock tee shirt is now available. Call Kate Kinney to place an order.
      Shows and Exhibits: The AAC will feed the VSO performers again this year. Call Melissa Ewell for details. The AAC Fall auction pieces and other artwork will join the Enosburg Fall Festival, in Lincoln Park on October 4. We will plan a holiday Art and Craft Show after Thanksgiving at the October meeting. Call Natalie for info on both exhibits.
      Art in Education: Patrice Havreluk-Hemingway is working at the Community Center in East Fairfield. They need artists to conduct short workshops and classes for kids from 6 to 11 years of age. The AAC plans to start a pilot program, with funds from the AAC Auction and other grants, to give the kids more exposure to the arts.
      Workshops: We began planning fall and winter workshops and circulated a sign up sheet. If you would like to give or take a workshop or seminar, call Natalie.
      The AAC still needs a grant writer, folks to call members to announce events, a set builder to build our kiosk, and a team to install display tracks and to hang lots of paintings around the county.
      Business meeting: The AAC incorporated as a Vermont non-profit August 14. We voted to pay for the last Floodstock expenses with tee shirt receipts, and to share any remaining tee shirt profits with the Flood Fund. We selected Anne Harper interim secretary.


      The Board of Directors will meet October 2 at 6 p.m. to resolve several issues. Although she resigned in June, Judy wants to return to the Board. Due to another resignation, we must also elect a permanent secretary. The Board will act on a strategic plan that includes directions for growth, especially a search for permanent exhibit space, fundraising, and membership goals.

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