All Arts Council Survey

All Arts council members are all volunteers who live in our community. Please join us to find and share the hidden talent here in Franklin County's 15 towns.

Please tell us where you live and fill in the blanks. Then click on the green "Send Info" button at the bottom of this form. Thanks!

Tell us your needs...

What Town are you from?
Tell us about Franklin County, Vermont...
Where do you go for shows or music or art?
What resources do you have now in your community? (For example, do you have an opera house, schools, a theater, ...?)
What would you like to have more of?
What's keeping that from happening?
What can you do to help fix it?
Assume a major foundation just gave your Town a million dollars. What would you want to build with it?
If you were to go out tomorrow, what would you go to see or do?
How do you find out about events?

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