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      Vermont's only all-volunteer local arts agency, the All Arts Council brings all the arts to Franklin County and showcases and develops local artists. We involve the community with all forms of the arts; offer concerts and shows, festivals, fine art exhibits, an annual crafts and fine arts tour; and arts projects for kids; create arts education programs; hold workshops and seminars for the community; and provide networking and technical assistance to local artists.
      The Summer Sounds concert series offers free concerts every summer Sunday. We hold workshops for writers, musicians, and artists. A register of Franklin and Grand Isle artists for promoters and buyers will include a searchable Internet catalog and calendar. We collaborate with artists and other arts groups in northwest Vermont to present cultural activities and assist in publicizing events in the media and on the Internet.
      The Board is performing a Community Needs Assessment to develop a cultural plan for the entire county. This plan involves all media - visual art, dance, theater, writing, music. Our membership includes residents, business people, and representatives of each artistic media from towns across the county.
      We carry out significant promotion for arts and entertainment in Franklin County. Two weekly newspaper columns, regular radio "chats," public access television programming, this Internet site, plus event advertising, mailings, e-mailings, and other contacts yield about 2.45 million annual impressions.

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